What it feels like to be an Eleutheromaniac..


Freedom in the air- an expression quite commonly used but rarely felt. What does it feel like to be really free? It’s not just the general meaning of it but the inner meaning of it, that we – eleutheromaniac’s- want to feel. To be alive and full inside out. What is the real impression of freedom?

We are given our rights to freedom of speech, expression and such, but do we become happy within ourselves because of these? For each of us individually, the word ‘freedom’ can take on different meanings according to our personal lives. Some want to be independent in their personal as well as professional lives. Some want time away from people to really get the gist of what their life means to them. And in being able to follow through with these wishes, it can rise their spirits and help them achieve much more than they ever imagined.

Eleutheromaniac’s can really understand the meaning of freedom and they are really looking forward to breaking through their barriers and getting out of their respective comfort zones.They do not want to follow through with the society’s guide but they want to create their own. ‘Make one’s life one’s own’ means a lot to us and it can get us really down if we are not able to do what we want.This does not stop us from striving harder and it should not stop you all as well. Keep dreaming and create your own life out of what you have and what you can have.

“Use freedom as your guide, and freedom will guide you through.”


Heartbreak, Anguish and…?

Heartbreak_EL_20111111_2 The wall grows bigger and so does my doubt,

The distance grows farther and so does my hold.

Is this it? Is this what they call the falling out?,

Is this it? Is this what they call the ‘no feeling’ zone?.

I hope for more, I hope for tomorrow,

I hope for me, I hope for mine.

This cannot end like this can it? No it can’t, can it?,

This is not the end right? No it can’t be, can it?.

I look out and search. Search for what is right?,

‘For what is right?’, Is that the right question?.

I lie down facing his backside. That is when it struck,

He is no more is he? No more to me and my life.

The controversy over the colour of #thedress


Is it blue and black or is it white and gold? Well at least the majority are divided into two segments. Can’t vouch for the rest of the completely weird colours that some guess it to be.

Here’s an article that seems to explain it, even though I am still biased towards the colours white and gold.


Well, the debate in itself has brought excitement and confusion to many and has still yet to be completely settled. Guess the world is becoming more prone to focusing on smaller matters to get over the bigger matters.

Etiquette. How do you define it?


Etiquette is something we emphasize on in various aspects of our life, be it with each other, or with strangers at home, office and everyday life.

It is something that sets the class apart is something most of us will agree to. But with this mindset have we forgotten the fact that some of them might lack it due to some hardships in their life or just because of the simplicity with which they live it.

Grading people for their appearances and mannerisms exhibited in a short period of time have made us less humane and more etiquetteless. Etiquette lies in trying to understand anothers position and covering for their flaws, before it is about appearances and mannerisms. We have come to see it in a different light and emphasize on its materialistic aspect to its emotional one.

Being of an understanding nature, and accepting people wholeheartedly, along with thier limitations is what needs to be taught as basic etiquette to society.

“Look through the others eyes, to feel their heart and actions”

Happiness cries in solitude..


Goals set, we are ready to take on the world. On the way, we realize money is important too and we get distracted. Some stay distracted and go down a different path but very few come back to their original destiny. They keep going until one day, health gets in the way and now we know that health is also a priority. But its too late to be realizing that since now, we are far back on attaining something that was much more crucial to our life- happiness. Being happy with everything that is and was, as we travel through life in its tightly strung time period.

Happiness comes and goes. But it can come in different forms is what most of us are missing out on. It is not just the euphoric feeling that you get once in a while that defines happiness but small tiny details of our life. In this competitive cut throat century, we have come to seek happiness in ourselves more than others and this has lead to many disadvantages and wanting from a lot of individuals inhabiting this planet.

Happiness in oneself is secondary to happiness in others. We do not strive for the feeling of blessing but the feeling of self satisfaction. Yes, it is mandatory but not fulfilling in its own nature. We need to try harder in finding ourselves in others rather than isolate ourselves to our own worlds.

“Seek happiness where it shall be found; your exterior environment”

Growing up…life happens..


What is growing up? Becoming tall, thinking deeper, acting mature or is it just us knowing how to act and feel because of what we have been through our life’s’ on this earth.

Adults, adolescents, kids. What sets them apart? Is it the responsibilities that pile up as we grow up that determines us apart from the younger generation? Is it thinking about the others before thinking for yourself that says it? Each person has a variant way of explaining it and thus it becomes harder to define.Young at heart, older at mind are things we quite often hear or say. What do these really mean? Do we mean they have not grown up or they have? What is the measurement we use to justify the scale of growth?

Looking at life from where I stand, I would say it is not just one thing that solves the question of growth. For a human, there is primarily two types of growth. The maturation of the body and mind. One is at a biological level while the other one is at a psychological level. The physical appearance might give away the average age at first sight, but the mental maturity can only be told once the person starts speaking his mind.

But growth does not stop there. It speeds up when responsibilities come knocking at the door, and this can happen at the right time for some while earlier or later for others. Life experiences is another major contributor to a person’s growth mentally, and it enhances his perspective and opens up his field of thoughts and opinions.Even though we might not want to admit or understand, our actions have a subconscious involvement in our physical as well as mental enhancement.

Think happy, be happy, and take it one stride at a time. You do not need to grow quick, neither do you have to whine for the gone days. Each year that adds up brings on something new and unexpected. Our body changes and our mind does too. Enjoy the moment while you have it and let’s keep it honest with ourselves, shall we? 🙂

Grow up to be proud of all those years, not tired of living itself.

Love me not!!


Love. A word that has a different meaning to each and every individual on this planet. Now the meaning changes can either be good or bad, depending on the person and situation. Some perceive love in a good light while others do not.

The bad perception may come from life experiences of oneself or others close to them. Bad breakups, witnessing or hearing something that goes against their consciousness, or seeing people around them hurt due to this phenomena, has people wishing and hoping for more out of this so called ‘love’.

These people do not want to understand love, neither do they want to feel it. They just want to be left alone in their own zone. Not believing in love sounds insane to some, but can be very real for others.
The existence of love is proved in many beautiful cases around us, but ‘love me not’ is a phrase some might use to keep themselves from getting hurt, angered or anguished.

“Learn to love yourself to love another”.

Letting your emotions pop!!


There are times you indulge and there are times you don’t. Be it emotions, moods or your feelings.

At times you want to make a difference with your actions, other times you are scared to and there are times that you are forced to. All these different scenarios and their consequences can have varying effects on our emotions. It can either be good or bad depending on the situation likewise, but when they do get expressed negatively, they might come flooding out like the breakdown of a dam.

When we do try our best and do not get the results we expect, we are disappointed at ourselves. We do not explicitly address the disappointment but go ahead and get it out in the form of anger, directed at ourselves but in most cases, aimed at the people around.

Then comes the time when you are scared but forced to do it for the sake of yourself or the people close to you. Its either a success or a failure. But in both cases your nervousness and incapability of knowing the future, force you to let your emotions brew until some moment presents itself, to be a slave for your tirade. Success in the matter can put you at ease, but the experience you went through is not easily forgotten.

Letting your emotions get the best of you might give you a sense of calm for the first few minutes when it all comes crashing down. But when the waters clear, if you havent fixed the problem already, it is not going to repair itself. Even if you have found success, you might have earned it at a price of losing people close to you.

The next time you want to hold it all in and keep going, just make sure you are going the right peaceful way.

Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you.
-Joel Osteen.

Looking through a skeptic’s eyes


The world is colourful to many but just black and white to a few. Ignorance is bliss goes parallel with this belief.
The knowledgeable are skeptic while the ignorant accept whatever might come his way. Then there is the extreme skeptic. Lets look through his eyes.

For example, an act of kindness will be perceived with the fact that there are intentions underlying the act. So whatever humanity one might posess is ridiculed to be an act of want. Wanting something in return. This is not the case in all of the situations, but his eyes don’t differ with situations or the persons involved.

Then comes the negativity that spreads like a crying soul everywhere he goes. There is nothing worser than a negative vibe to any circumstances whatsoever. He doesnt realize it, but it haunts his days and nights.

With him perceiving the universe with the wrong principles, the world perceives him the same way. He is the person no one wants to befriend or hang around with, since his doubts and calculations takes the fun out of life.

Its not that this world is perfect, neither is its occupants. But you need to learn to stay happy through all the thicks and thins, and to trust people enough to let them know that we do not suspect them, but just need reassurance once in a while in return for your trust. Stay positive and let the colours of life blind you, even for just a few seconds.

“It’s a most distressing affliction to have a sentimental heart and a skeptical mind.”

Tricks of life

Live life like it is today,
Learn life like it is yesterday,
And carry life like it is tomorrow.

Build life to the smallest bricks,
Travel life to the biggest dreams,
And stop life to the highest satisfaction.

The more you run,the more you trip,
The more you stop,the more you learn,
And the more you jump,the more you overcome.

Life comes to us in roses,
In beauty and in thorns,
Its for us to decide,
To be dazzled or be pricked.