Commitment to Communication

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Commitment – a word rarely heard and even lesser practiced nowadays. It has lost its meaning throughout the life of a person. Commitment to life, relationships, career and even to oneself, is on a decline without any promise of a betterment. One of the biggest assets people are losing out on in being a ‘rational’ human being, is the commitment they put into communication with one another. If this engagement is lost, so shall the other aspects of life deplete on its own.

Communication has three major parts to it – talking, listening,  and thinking. All three play a vital role in a proper conversation. Each person should strive to perfect all the parts to be able to connect with people around them. With the current trend of electronic communication, people have become adept at talking, and forgotten the other two facets of a conversation. Listening and understanding through the use of thought processes creates new channels of ideas in the brain, and helps humans with the skills of critical thinking and comprehension.  Reading between the lines, getting the emotions right, understanding what the other person really meant, have all turned into realities of the past. The loss of conversations have affected not just relationships with others but with oneself as well. 

Expressions have become emojis and elaborate greetings have turned into a two letter word- Hi. Catching up for beverages and talking face to face, realizing the ‘real’ realities of those around us, coming in contact with different personalities and getting along with a myriad of people, provide higher strength to an individual’s character and helps him/her grow exponentially with regards to knowledge and wisdom of the world and the humans inhabiting it.

Communication is what lead humans to inventions and discoveries that are being blatantly taken for granted . If not for the continued conversations and ideas that flowed from one person to the other, the world would not have found the glory it shines with today. The reduction in conversations have lead to a generation of humans that are not bothered to actually communicate, investigate or critically analyze, but believe whatever has been shown to them without a moment’s pause.

Commitment to conversations of intellectual quality  will aid people in becoming better at being a human and doing what a human is distinct from other creatures for – ‘rationalization’ through conversations and movement of ideas from one intellect to the other.

Communication aids in civilization and self-development of a human being.



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