What more does the ‘brain’ need to be moved?

A starving person, a dying person or a dead person. How much worse does it need to get to move our cold depraved brains? How much harder is it for people to shed tears and empathize with those going through hardships?

The increase in violence has seeped into every household and changed the lives of many. Movies, video games, social media, news have all contributed to aiding the arrival of gross non-age appropriate violent content into each person’s television, mobile and computer. Repeated exposure to these brutalities are leading to quite drastic changes in people’s  perspectives and actions. This is leading to a society of unkind, cruel, apathetic individuals who, if selfish, will bow down to anything to get what they want and what they think they deserve.

The brain is an organ that on constant exposure can become tolerant to many harmful inputs that affect it’s healthy functioning. For example, desensitization is a process by which the brain numbs its emotional stimuli or reaction to the gross images presented to it. So, like an addict who requires heavier drugs due to increased tolerance, the brain of the person exposed to these violent inputs on a regular basis, will require even more gross a content, to be able to draw a reaction to the cruelty viewed.

Empathy and violence have a reciprocal relationship; more familiarity with the latter reduces the former’s chance to survive in the human consciousnesses’. While sympathy can be dolled out easily by anyone, it takes real sensitivity and innocence to be able to feel the pain and stand in the sufferer’s shoe. A person whose heart has been hardened cannot understand or comprehend another person’s pain and thus, we need to stop viewing content that can gradually harden our approach to afflictions in general.

The belief that ‘graphic’ details will aid in providing more sympathy from onlookers’ is a groundless stupidity of this generation. People faced with difficulty do not want pity from others. They want their voices heard and understood by fellow human beings. Helping them is an option that we need to take consciously to improve their livelihood, not because we were forced to sympathize with their predicaments.  We need to try getting rid of this pitying pattern and actually take part in providing the best for everyone in our surroundings.

   The world doesn’t need another log of wood to add to the fire. What it requires is a bucket of water, to bring down the fire from its raging heights.



  1. Sania · June 12, 2017

    Great article!

    • Aysha A · June 12, 2017

      Thank you Sania 😊 Much appreciated 😘

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