Narcissm and self love. How are they related?


Ego – a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance, is an integral part of every human being. The self over the others, allows us to think independently and act accordingly. But isn’t this self love also leading to quite a lot of overconfidence and puffed up self importance that do not gel well in an interdependent society?

The recent trend of loving yourself and being selfish of your own needs before the others, is only breeding a generation of independent human beings that do not give a care about the world around them. They believe that by unburdening themselves of the responsibility of the society at large, they will be able to retain their ego and self-respect. They do not realize that it is just leading to traits like narcissm.

We are who we are, not just because of what we accomplished individually, but the relationships we maintained through it all. Humans are interdependent creatures. We require praise and applause at our achievements from people around us, to strive even harder than we would have done alone. So this narcisstic behaviour is only creating more loneliness in the person’s life.

Due to the advent of technology, many have been able to hide behind their screens, what they really feel on a day to day basis, and thus act like everything’s perfect to fan their egos. But what they get out of it, is a few ‘likes and comments’of pleasure. After that, it’s back to reality where people don’t respect them, even with their constant efforts otherwise. They eventually drown into depression and isolate themselves to keep up their charade.

Self love is good, as long as it does not come at the expense of losing your loved ones, or, your identity altogether, since you will not able to catch up with your own imaginary ‘self’. Narcissm should not be encouraged and humbleness needs to be brought back. Being able to recognize yourself and help elevate others at the same time is a character trait that we all need in such desolate times.

“Love yourself in the correct dosages and you will come to                love others and their existence as well”