How far are we from the green reality?


Lawns of green grasses and romances under the green trees, with lakes flowing beautifully beside. Happiness in everything green. So where is all this green we imagine? Where are all the trees and meadows that we envision in our digital world? Where have they all gone?

Let’s go green, make the environment greener, plant more trees- all advertised on pamphlets and boards trying to seek attention from the spectators, who might be willing to take a glance. But how many act on it? Each and every one of us push the responsibility onto the other and play ‘pass the ball’, with nature’s destruction following each pass.

We talk and spread awareness about what exactly? Climate change, global warming, melting of ice. Well it’s for those environmentalists to take care of, isn’t it? Why should we bother? It is long overdue for us to have realized, the potential of each individual contributing to this earth as much as he derives from it.

Small acts of kindness directed to the planet we inhabit is all that it takes. Don’t throw the trash on the streets. Save that plastic bag for a future use. Try to walk where you can. Don’t throw those papers until they have been completely utilised. Recycle on a daily basis. Make it a habit. No one is asking one person to fix it all. But doesn’t it all start with that single person? Do right and the others will follow.

Habit is made in trying and not in waiting for the right moment.


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