The fake exterior and the pitiful interior


The insignificant thing (or hoped to be one) that keeps our life together – money. It influences our lives in many ways. With the huge amount of wealth flowing in for some specific group of people, cities and richness have been created. And then, there are the people who inhabit these places and positions. The perfectly perfect individuals who go about their life as monotonously as possible. They like perfection and they gravitate to making it happen at all costs.

Pretend to be someone they are not. Wear and spend more than what they can afford. Be and act to be a person that they are not. Keep up the facade of perfection for all to see. They try their best to be someone they are definitely not. Make sure to stay on trend, nevertheless of the circumstances they are in. Materialism is outstreched to its indefinite depths for these pitiful creatures.  They kill their mind and soul in trying to achieve something that is out of their reach.

Originality and uniqueness is losing its touch. It is not encouraged to stand out but to blend in. Be what everyone else is and in this process they lose themselves. ‘Fake it till you make it’ is a good proverb for acheiving specific personal goals, but it does not translate to changing yourself for the benefit of the beholder rather than yourself.

Be you. Be the person you want to be. Try not to run behind perfection and external satisfaction. Be happy and keep your mind and soul internally satisfied.

All that you are and will be, is your decision. So don’t fake it, but take it in stride.


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