Good or bad..Do they ever intersect?


We are  born and brought up, then we give birth and raise, and so goes the cycle of life. The things we learn are either instilled in us while we were young or we learn them through the experiences we face in our life. The bad and good are distinguished with a border line that should never be crossed- is what we are taught.

As we wade through the sea that is life, we tend to do good and bad in various measures, at times regretting them and at times reminiscing those moments that proved to you what was right and what was wrong. The good does not always end up with victory and the bad with loss.

‘We learn as we act’ is a phrase that could not have gotten anymore precise. The good that one person taught us might not appear to be great in the face of some circumstances and the bad that they prohibited us from, might be beneficial in some cases. There are actions, thoughts and feelings that are universally categorized into either of these compartments and there is no denying it. But are they always separate? Could they not intermingle in different details? Could what we perceive as something, be the right opposite for another?

‘Live and let live’- Good cannot exist without bad and vice versa is a known fact; so let us live in peace, knowing and modifying our moral compass from time to time and not forcing our values down someone else’s throat.

Let’s see the good in bad and the bad in good as well, shall we?


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