Weather and Mood Forecasting!!


High end technologies have helped us realize what we can expect of nature anytime, even if not accurately, but have we, in our arrogance, dictated to ourselves that there are different moods that befit each season and weather?

Why does autumn be made calm, winter shrivelled, summer enjoyed and spring lively? Why can’t it all have its own characteristics and still be loved and looked forward to?

Our body reacts to nature’s changes differently and this can lead to some difficulties. But would we survive if we were any farther from the sun? Would our crops stay alive, if not for the pouring rain? We have the option of looking at it from a selfish point of view, or there’s always the other side of the nature that we simply dont appreciate.

What does it take to look up at the sun and not think about skin cancer and sun burns but just enjoy the light as it hits you with its rays. Is it very hard to soak in the rain and smile at the clouds for sending us this wonderful gift? Look at all those green plants and the animals settling in their new habitats. They are creating a world of their own, right under your nose. The brown red leaves that mess up your yard, also adds lush colours, to the otherwise barren land.

Let us not categorise our seasons and weathers into different moods and expectations. Love all the weathers and it will all love you back.

Light me up, let me soar to the skies,
Make me green, so that I may thrive,
Send me shivers, I will fight,
And let the leaves fall, I love to pick them all.


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