Love me like you love yourself..


Why is it so hard to accept others as they are? You accept yourself for what you are. The whole package of good and bad. You know your weaknesses and your sins. But you know that you will love yourself nonetheless. So why cant you accept the others the same? With their good and their bad. With their flaws and their strength. It does not take much to skirt over what you don’t like and see what you like. So why can’t you do the same for a fellow being?

The world reprimands us for not loving ourselves. But does it tell us to love others as well? Has it taught us to accept even in the face of things that we are born not to like. Has it told us that it is okay to accept in others what we don’t accept in ourselves.

Moving forward and seeing success equates to being able to accept with wide arms. Accept what you dont even believe in. You might come to believe it after all. With new experiences gathered, you will be ready to stand up and see the world in different colours, not in the black and white film that your moral and traditional compass normally sees. Strive for forgiveness and acceptance, and you might be striving for success after all.

“Look at others how you look at yourself”