Self-less love and Selfish love- How are they so different?

selfless love

Where should I start? The fact that I don’t know how to describe it or the fact that it is too rare to have been witnessed. Some posts, some pictures, some stories of love don’t just touch our hearts, but our souls as well. It brings tears to our eyes and hope to our mind, of their being something more to humanity than what we see around us on a daily basis.

Selfish love is easy to begin and easier to end. You start with your satisfaction in mind and if mutual, end up falling in love. And if you ever feel it is not right, you walk away only to the detriment of the other, or at times, even their pleasure at getting rid of you. This type of love works and I do not stand against it. It is just lacking that element of “I would die for you if that was what you wanted”,the part which makes us open ourselves to each other. Not afraid of sharing or depending, knowing that there will never come a day to doubt or fear.

“I will love her/him unconditionally, even if they are mine or not.”Isn’t that quite a rare thing? A real diamond among the gems. People who actually push their feelings and emotions aside, just for the happiness of the other. Even if it does not increase their status or help them in getting the person they love. And if they do end up with their lover, well isn’t that a beautiful love story to be told! There is no end to what they can do to keep each other happy for the rest of their lives together. “Till death do us part”, is a phrase that fits quite well for these selfless lovers. And to this day, this kind of love is something that everyone needs to see or feel in their life, to really know the depths of humanity in its extreme beautiful form.

“For a human soul to experience the beauty of itself, you need to give into the other, what you never had”