Why are people as selfish as they are?


It seems like a question of loyalty over wants and desires. Some love to just lie flat when asked or prodded for some support. Some just boast of their wants and act to be at the mercy of the world. Will you support me? ‘No. I have to take care of myself’. Do what I have to, and fulfill it completely, even at the cost of other’s heads’. The selfish ones  don’t care what the other person requires, but all they care and have eye for, is the gold right ahead. ‘No, I am not going to spare a left or right turn, neither a U-turn, to help and pull the others out of their miseries too’. ‘What! Lose all that precious time. Oh no!  I can’t do that friend. I am so sorry but I need to do this for me’.

The world doesn’t shut down for you if you were not able to attend that wedding or that match or was not able to do all that your friends could do. It’s just another thing that provides a momentary rush of happiness. You are giving that more importance than your own relationships that should have mattered even more. Not a single person in this planet is completely independent. Even though some of us might covet it, it is an impossible feat. We require each other for emotional, physical and professional settings. So the more you cut out the webs that connect your life, mate, I have to forewarn you, you are officially heading to doom. Just like a web breaking with a single swipe, so does life give out its harsh realities to those who forget- Forget that they are part of a bigger picture and therefore do not have to be so possessive of what are theirs and even at times suck it out of others.

Be selfish about your goals but not about the fact that others are as human as you are. Go your path but don’t trample others path along the way. Let them go their way and try not to block their way with the rocks and boulders you move away from yours. Unintentional occurrences are not in your control. But intentionally hurting others can only bring you misfortunes later on in life. Live and let live. Make it your day to day motto and things are definitely going to improve. The more you make sure of your intentions to yourself and to others, the clearer your life and goals get.