What it feels like to be an Eleutheromaniac..


Freedom in the air- an expression quite commonly used but rarely felt. What does it feel like to be really free? It’s not just the general meaning of it but the inner meaning of it, that we – eleutheromaniac’s- want to feel. To be alive and full inside out. What is the real impression of freedom?

We are given our rights to freedom of speech, expression and such, but do we become happy within ourselves because of these? For each of us individually, the word ‘freedom’ can take on different meanings according to our personal lives. Some want to be independent in their personal as well as professional lives. Some want time away from people to really get the gist of what their life means to them. And in being able to follow through with these wishes, it can rise their spirits and help them achieve much more than they ever imagined.

Eleutheromaniac’s can really understand the meaning of freedom and they are really looking forward to breaking through their barriers and getting out of their respective comfort zones.They do not want to follow through with the society’s guide but they want to create their own. ‘Make one’s life one’s own’ means a lot to us and it can get us really down if we are not able to do what we want.This does not stop us from striving harder and it should not stop you all as well. Keep dreaming and create your own life out of what you have and what you can have.

“Use freedom as your guide, and freedom will guide you through.”


Heartbreak, Anguish and…?

Heartbreak_EL_20111111_2 The wall grows bigger and so does my doubt,

The distance grows farther and so does my hold.

Is this it? Is this what they call the falling out?,

Is this it? Is this what they call the ‘no feeling’ zone?.

I hope for more, I hope for tomorrow,

I hope for me, I hope for mine.

This cannot end like this can it? No it can’t, can it?,

This is not the end right? No it can’t be, can it?.

I look out and search. Search for what is right?,

‘For what is right?’, Is that the right question?.

I lie down facing his backside. That is when it struck,

He is no more is he? No more to me and my life.