Etiquette. How do you define it?


Etiquette is something we emphasize on in various aspects of our life, be it with each other, or with strangers at home, office and everyday life.

It is something that sets the class apart is something most of us will agree to. But with this mindset have we forgotten the fact that some of them might lack it due to some hardships in their life or just because of the simplicity with which they live it.

Grading people for their appearances and mannerisms exhibited in a short period of time have made us less humane and more etiquetteless. Etiquette lies in trying to understand anothers position and covering for their flaws, before it is about appearances and mannerisms. We have come to see it in a different light and emphasize on its materialistic aspect to its emotional one.

Being of an understanding nature, and accepting people wholeheartedly, along with thier limitations is what needs to be taught as basic etiquette to society.

“Look through the others eyes, to feel their heart and actions”


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