Looking through a skeptic’s eyes


The world is colourful to many but just black and white to a few. Ignorance is bliss goes parallel with this belief.
The knowledgeable are skeptic while the ignorant accept whatever might come his way. Then there is the extreme skeptic. Lets look through his eyes.

For example, an act of kindness will be perceived with the fact that there are intentions underlying the act. So whatever humanity one might posess is ridiculed to be an act of want. Wanting something in return. This is not the case in all of the situations, but his eyes don’t differ with situations or the persons involved.

Then comes the negativity that spreads like a crying soul everywhere he goes. There is nothing worser than a negative vibe to any circumstances whatsoever. He doesnt realize it, but it haunts his days and nights.

With him perceiving the universe with the wrong principles, the world perceives him the same way. He is the person no one wants to befriend or hang around with, since his doubts and calculations takes the fun out of life.

Its not that this world is perfect, neither is its occupants. But you need to learn to stay happy through all the thicks and thins, and to trust people enough to let them know that we do not suspect them, but just need reassurance once in a while in return for your trust. Stay positive and let the colours of life blind you, even for just a few seconds.

“It’s a most distressing affliction to have a sentimental heart and a skeptical mind.”


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