Tricks of life

Live life like it is today,
Learn life like it is yesterday,
And carry life like it is tomorrow.

Build life to the smallest bricks,
Travel life to the biggest dreams,
And stop life to the highest satisfaction.

The more you run,the more you trip,
The more you stop,the more you learn,
And the more you jump,the more you overcome.

Life comes to us in roses,
In beauty and in thorns,
Its for us to decide,
To be dazzled or be pricked.


‘Silver lining’ the blackest of clouds


Dark and harsh times are part of the symmetry of life on this earth. Happy times don’t stay forever and so does sad times. They pull us down and can even crush us to the ground but there is hope still lurking in the corners. Hope that we might tend to ignore or the hope we so look forward to.

The promise that it will get better and there is good even in the worst of situations help us get up, brush off and start over again. The doom becomes bearable with the upcoming ray of light. The ray that will pull us out of the darkness, the ray that will pierce through with much vigour, fighting for our survival.

Bad times will always end. There is always lessons to be learnt, emotions to be understood and reality to be checked. As we float through this parallel worlds of good and bad, there is a silver lining even the blackest of clouds.