What’s it like being an ‘eccedentesiast’?


Hard and difficult times calls for much patience and control. Trying not to drown in it, is an effort that every Homo sapiens put up. Some succeed while others are not as lucky. These times bring not only mental instability but physical as well. How they cope and overcome differs for different people and situations.

One thing we all do when we go down emotionally, is put up a fake front. It helps most of us endure our surroundings as well as protect the ones next to us. We feel indebted to not let the others feel as bad as we (by ‘we’, I mean the compassionate ones among us – the others I cannot vouch for). Keeping it all in and pulling yourself through the test of times, brings on a feeling of betterment and achievement. When it does get worse, a shoulder to rely on will always help immensely.

Eccedentesiast is what most of us are and try to be. We hide behind a smile that does not reach our eyes and foil up our emotions into ourselves. Hiding and not letting the people know somehow gives us a satisfaction that what we are doing is right, when at times it is quite the opposite. We might burn out our passion and drive along the way and end up being a completely different person.

A fake smile is an achievement and a lose at the same instant. An achievement of being able to smile at the face of the worst, but a lose in not being able to share one’s thoughts and feelings across.

She finally let go of her fake smile and tears slowly rolled down her face as she whispered to herself, “I don’t want to be me”.


One comment

  1. Black · October 12, 2014

    Brilliantly written .. Applaud ..

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