Total Control

Control Key on Computer Keyboard

Control..What does it entail? Does it entail physical or mental strength? How much can we control? Does controlling satisfy our needs or does it make it dire?

Let’s look at the world from a far and crystal perspective. We see things under control and things not under control. Nature, people and the world in its whole seem to wrestle between the two options- to be controlled and not to be controlled. Controlling our surroundings and even ourselves- does it help us? It is a question that keeps coming to my mind.

People seem to think that controlling helps them determine and understand themselves and their vicinity. But does it? Everything in this world cannot be controlled. And that includes humans as well. Unless they are willing to be controlled, no one can be put into the net. So why do people think that control can help them achieve what they want. Can’t they just live life to its maximum doing what they have to, controlling what they can, rather than reach the skies for something that is not and was never meant for their domination.

Yes, leaders lead and followers follow. But why do they destroy the planet and themselves trying to possess things that could never be possessed. Natural selection helps in helping the survival of the fittest. So why do we have to interfere and cause much damage to something that would have been better left alone. Be it emotions or actions or even in leading, total control is not possible and would be preferable to not be pursued.

“Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.”
Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man


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