Right or Wrong? What is the reality?


As we live this life to its fullest, we come across ‘ethics’ of life. Ethics that determine what is right and what is wrong by the different personalities, societies and religions across the world.Now that ethics has filtered into our professional life as well, paired with the globalisation of the world, has led to some common grounds for all.. Do we take these ‘ethics’ to the extreme? Or do we try compromising on both the ends? It is a thought provoking question facing this century..What are the different answers we get from the billions that inhabit this earth?

Doing what is right is important, is what we are always taught, right from a very young age..Right always rules the day.But does it? Is it always the correct path to take? What if doing the wrong as the world perceives it, helps the situation rather than tank it. Haven’t we heard of ‘white lies’? Aren’t they the standing testimony of doing wrong for the goodness of the outcome..The line of reality blurs at some points but stay sturdy at other.

The solutions to all the problems in this world are at our hands. But do we take care of it or leave it upto nature’s hands? ‘What is right?’ is the question I and the world face at this stage. I look up and hope that the Lord above helps me solve my question..


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  1. Black · September 11, 2014

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