Which is better? A vampire or an angry man?

Anger is one terrifying aspect of a human being that can only be experienced to understand completely..It has to be felt and seen for a person to understand the effect and consequences. I wanted to draw a marginal line of similarity between a vampire and an angry man that has been brought about by my imagination..I do have to give credit to the people around me for giving me the idea..☺

For instance vampires suck the blood and life out of people..I see angry people doing the same..They suck the happiness and life out of the person/group it is directed to..The vampires finish the job right then. I feel it is much gratifying than slowly killing the individual with continued vengeance caused out of anger and repulse..

Vampires have sharp teeth to bite but humans have sharper tongues..The words cut deeper than the wounds..One is physical only whereas the other can be both physical and mental.

In conclusion i think i would be treated better at the hands of a vampire than face the wrath of an angry man..What do you think?