The Fault in Our Stars..What hits the viewer’s soft spot?


The growing cancer…The imminent death..or is it the time bomb in their bodies ( the protagonist calls herself a grenade) that melted everyone’s heart. Or is it the humour, reality or the opportunities presented to the two leads even in the face of death, which struck a chord with the audience? The success of both the book and the movie proves the author’s success in gaining the audience with his wonderful writing and also, let’s not forget to give huge credits to the actors who put their heart and soul into these characters.

Personally not having read the book, I cannot comment upon it, but what I hear is good and that is exactly what I saw on screen. Seeing the whole world waiting with bated breaths for the release of this movie, I joined the frenzy. I went and watched it on the first day of release and was blown away by the authenticity and the wonderful tale the author had to tell us. It was not the sad parts that moved our hearts but those light moments they shared together that teared us up. The reality looming on their heads, the simplicity with which they carry their burden and the humour they create for themselves (The metaphor the male lead creates in keeping a cigarette between his lips) are lessons we can all take back home. We who lead normal lives create more problems within ourselves that we do not see what we are missing out on, until we actually miss out on them. We do not seem to take in the fact that time is running by, and that it can never be returned. The time bomb inside their bodies do not deter them from enjoying life as it is and I believe that is the most important thing to take away from the book/movie. It is not that it is a sad tale of two cancer patients, but a happy tale of two lovers, who did not let their situations get in their way of living life. The happiness and humour is what we need to fill our lives with, when we have the chance, because we never know when we will be losing it. So enjoy it while you can!!

I am really happy that I did watch the movie and I am looking forward to reading the books as well. The dialogues and the simple nature of the story really stuck with me and I believe this is one story to cherish for a long long time. I am sincerely grateful to the author for having penned such an amazing book. In with a small infinity of happiness!! 🙂

“It’s a metaphor, see: You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.”


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