Men Vs Women. What exactly are these poles?


Lets take physicality apart, and talk about the mentality of the two opposite genders. We are always at par of understanding the opposite sex, we do not realize they are human beings too. What is so apparent in one, is a rarity in another and the cycle of life continues. Let me list out some things of the opposites that can help me through my mental exploration of the features of both the polar human kinds.

A woman {being one, I feel more confident of this list 🙂 }

  • They see the future quicker than the present – It is a known fact that a women knows something coming a little beforehand. Well they are not Gods, they just seem to figure it out quicker than the opposites.
  • They love to dream – Whatever said otherwise, Sleeping Beauty (in this case daydreaming) can never be forgotten.
  • They read emotions better- Men are slower at reading between the lines three-fourth of the time.
  • They care far much more than deserved – It is an inbred quality they say, but women can care very much for a lot of reasons. They know how to extend there hand, for helping anyone in need.

A man {do excuse the mistakes and correct me if necessary}

  • They are selfless- Come on ladies, we have to give them credits for being very selfless in most of their actions and a women can simply not compare to their simple self-respect.
  • They are realists – They do dream but their dreams are more realistic than impossible (sorry sleeping beauty 😦 its not your day)
  • They think about the present – Its rare to see a guy plotting his life very early on and if he does, he is by far the biggest exception to mankind.
  • They love to take risks- Risks motivates them in their day to day life and pushes them forward. Its the adrenaline that they thrive on, and it simply can’t be replaced.

Well, these are some simple facts that I could come up with. Let me know if you can add some more. There are exceptions to all these cases and it can all be contradicted against.

 “Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” ― George Carlin



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