What do you see and what do you feel? Exact truth please..


Looking around you, you see children, adults, old men and women alike. Do you feel the same way as they do? The burst of happiness and energy the people around you give out,going about there daily activities. Do you see one thing and feel another? A kid running around happy. Does that make you angry for the noise the kid makes, or happy for the energy he exudes. Does feelings control our perceptions? Let us feel it before seeing it, shall we?

Let’s take two situations. You are feeling really happy and could bounce off your seat.One person walks suddenly right in front of your car. You get scared and sigh to see that nothing happened. Take the opposite case of you feeling downtrodden and sad. That person walks in front of your car and he will get cursed to hell itself.At that moment, your feelings controlled your reaction to a situation, and helped or worsened the situation likewise.

We do not give much thought to our feelings and we go on with our lives.We do not realize that at times, we make mistakes and blunders because we let our feelings rule us in different situations.The person who takes out his anger on others might feel better after, but the people who were under fire because of it are only left sad, creating problems of their own.

Stay happy and be grateful for all that you have is the one thing that can help you through your troubles, not only in brightening you up, but preventing you from making more. Gratitude for what is in hand, and happiness can overcome your feelings and offer a hand to others as well.

So see what you feel but make sure even in dire situations that feelings don’t get to the external ,since they are better kept inside you.




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