The upcoming craze of the world- Fifa World Cup 2014…


People from all over the world get a reason to celebrate and holler their countries name for a month long game of soccer- FIFA World Cup 2014. The world waits around for four years, and gets rewarded by the arrival of the football World Cup games. It takes the earth itself by storm. All included, fans and others alike, is swept away by the craze brought by the games. Bated breaths of anticipation, tears of loss, laughter in winning, and flags waved in unison, it could never get any better.

The whole crew of family and friends sit around the large screen or crowds are found in front of cafe’s, enjoying the game. A goal leads to screams of delight and cry of despair simultaneously. The street is buzzing with the noise, and the corns are popping in the kitchens. Taking sides, facing your countries loss and moving on to the next best team are all part of the deal. The patriotism of each person is taken to a new level, with the kind of loyalty each fans provide their country.

The fully filled stadiums, the singing of Waka Waka (this time I am guessing it will be la la la and Ole Ola) and the cheering leads the men on the field to their victory or loss. The skills of each footballer is scrutinized and judged and makes for hot topics online and offline. The best goal, best save, best ball bending are all some things that the judges test. It all gets over in one month, but it is worth the while. It not only inspires generations of sporting in our century, it brings people from all faces of life together for that short term. 

Looking forward to an amazing summer of football and popcorn!!! 🙂 (May the best team win – fingers crossed for Brazil)


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