The Sunflower or the Jasmine?


Faced with two options, both perfect, but different in their own way, what are you going to do?

The Sunflower- It stands out, its bold and its full of energy.

The Jasmine- It does not stand out with its view, but it stands out with its feature of smell. It is small, and almost gets lost in the wilderness.

So which is the better choice? Which should I choose? The meaning can refer to a person, a decision or even a thought. Should I stand in pride or should I stand in honour? Should I use my wits or my power? The lion might be the king of the forest, it does not mean all the other animals are powerless. Everyone in his/her own way have unique qualities shared by none. Some might become leaders and some might not. But all of them are leaders in their own way. Some stand out in the crowd and some others don’t, but what is a crowd without everyone in it. Each one of us constitutes this world, so saying that I am the best or I am the worst would be an irrelevant thing to say. He is better or she is better- well in some regards yes, but not in the whole aspect. The nerd is good at studies and the popular is good at fashion. Switch their roles and they don’t have anything to go by.

The society deeming some quality better over the other is its own mistake. Uniqueness in different phases of life is what everyone should be achieving, not following the herd of commonness. Try to find the uniqueness in you and others and you will end up appreciating a lot more things in life.


One comment

  1. Black · June 11, 2014

    Yes it is true society has a very important role to play in everyone’s life to mold their personality .. It’s a very vast topic to swim but I’ll end it with just one point .. People have influence in every peeps life but what makes them what they are is not society or anyone but the choices they make or rather the experiences they get from their choices .. Like you mentioned switch their roles … But before ask these questions … If nerd is good at studies he wants to be cool : why ? And likewise the popular !! It’s not society it’s what they want to pretend I front of society .. No doubt society has an important role but if we start to question society then I feel we are nonetheless .. Start from oneself .. And it’s not necessary every person has uniqueness in them cos some are made to follow and some to lead and it’s scientifically proven as well .. If not we would be living in a society where only criminals and politicians or republicans are empowering our freedom !! Isn’t it true ?? I wonder ..

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