Letting it go by you..your fault or the world’s fault?



Loving someone means making sure that the other person always remains happy…that is what the general say. But is it really true? Is the love of your life always happy to be beside you? Is the only thing they wanted right from the beginning, your side? Or did it take a little bit of effort and sacrifice on your part, to make sure they stay beside you in sickness and health till death do you part? 

Love doesn’t always entail a streak of happiness and laughter..It has its own ups and downs. That is how it stands the test of time. The only thing keeping you two together is the fact that whatever might happen, you will stay beside each other like the oars of a boat, balancing each other throughout the journey of life. Giving up before it is even started, or giving up for the happiness of the other, might be the dumbest excuse you can give to cover up your cowardice.Today is yours. Grab it while you can. The other might be displeased at first, but when they see and feel your emotions, they are sure to understand who to pick and who to stay with for the rest of their life. Give it your all, win or lose you may, but give it your all. At the end, it was your sincerity that won’t make you regret it for the rest of your life.



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