Inspiration- why, when and where does it come from?


‘Living beings respond to their surroundings or stimuli as it is called’ is true to its word. We react to things around us and that is primarily where we get our inspiration. It could be of any form- a person, thing, or even an action. It comes in every different form and dictates half of what we do for ourselves or others. We might do things differently from before or end up doing something new but inspirations are what help us to get through the spiralling uncontrollable life of ours in one piece.

Inspirations can come when and wherever but it materializes suddenly due to an act of a living being or when you lay in thought and discover what is really around you. It can help you realize your dreams, get through difficult times, and even make you a better person. We might turn out to have been in the wrong path and get inspired to the right.

Everything around you is an inspiration. The sunrise, the birds singing, the homeless men, donations, voluntary work for the society are some of the things that motivate us in our everyday life. Deep inside our hearts it holds a very true meaning and pushes us towards our goals with perseverance, trust and confidence. If not for the inspiration provided everyday by the things about us, we wouldn’t be achieving our dreams with the vigour and enthusiasm we encompass in them all the time. Taking inspiration sets the greats apart from the normal and helps them to reach the heights of their wisdom and imagination.

‘Inspiration leads us forward and comes along with the package called motivation’.


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