Is this all? Isn’t there supposed to be more?…

ImageRunning forward without a glimpse of the view or an occasional glance to the back, we don’t realize what we are missing out on. The nature, the wind and the air call out for our attention but we are too busy to notice them. The harsh sunlight angers us, the tweeting of birds distracts us, the howl of the wind lifts our clothes and the cry of the baby ire us. We do not notice the beauty in them all and just press ahead and ahead. We never seem to reach our goals even with all the short cuts provided and when we do reach, we regret all the years spent looking forward when we should have been looking beside and behind us. Is this all I have been working for, all these years? Where is the happiness that was guaranteed? Where is the satisfaction that was to follow? Enjoy life right now. Because right now is where you are and where you will be every second of your precious life. Right now is what creates past, present and future. So cling on to right now and make sure every little things count.



Linking the worlds together- A Daydream


Our world has parallel existence is something we all can agree on. What, where and how are what bewilders us. Sit down after a tiring day, and you see yourself taken into another realm of reality. Even if it only lasts a few minutes or seconds, it holds true to our dreams and inspires us to try, try and try again. Our imagination takes us to places we crave and lets us do things we want. It does not stop short of anything. This is the parallel world we daydream into and I’d like to believe that it does exist. It is also where our counterparts live life through our goals and reaches our dreams a lot more faster than us. At times what we dream to become is not what we become, but it always leads us to the right path. Imagination is a world of its own. There is no saying where it is or when it will invite you to its doors. But when it does, rest assured that your day is going to go as brilliant as the sun shining on top of the skies.(oops did you just imagine that too 😛 )

The World of Today

It seems as if the day goes by, without an event to remember by,

It seems as if the sun sends its ray, without a single light to meddle and play,

It seems as if the birds tweeted away, without a soul to hear them anyway,

It seems the water swayed to the wind, without a beholder to stand grinned,

It seems the world has gone very far, without having left even a scar,

It seems at the end I am much too far, without having done much so far.

Inspiration- why, when and where does it come from?


‘Living beings respond to their surroundings or stimuli as it is called’ is true to its word. We react to things around us and that is primarily where we get our inspiration. It could be of any form- a person, thing, or even an action. It comes in every different form and dictates half of what we do for ourselves or others. We might do things differently from before or end up doing something new but inspirations are what help us to get through the spiralling uncontrollable life of ours in one piece.

Inspirations can come when and wherever but it materializes suddenly due to an act of a living being or when you lay in thought and discover what is really around you. It can help you realize your dreams, get through difficult times, and even make you a better person. We might turn out to have been in the wrong path and get inspired to the right.

Everything around you is an inspiration. The sunrise, the birds singing, the homeless men, donations, voluntary work for the society are some of the things that motivate us in our everyday life. Deep inside our hearts it holds a very true meaning and pushes us towards our goals with perseverance, trust and confidence. If not for the inspiration provided everyday by the things about us, we wouldn’t be achieving our dreams with the vigour and enthusiasm we encompass in them all the time. Taking inspiration sets the greats apart from the normal and helps them to reach the heights of their wisdom and imagination.

‘Inspiration leads us forward and comes along with the package called motivation’.